NFT Hodl'em



1.What is a CryptoCorn NFT ?


2.What is a CryptoCup NFT ?

A CryptoCup NFT is your access to the CryptoCorn Ecosystem. Minting one of these grants all of the perks and privilages to play in our top tournaments. 

Available to mint from The Hood Vendor, Purchased from Elon’s Emporium and won in special Tournaments. 

3.What is a Golden Kernel NFT ?


4.What is a Joker NFT ?


5.What is a CryptoCup Elite ?


6.What is an Ember ?

An Ember allows you to buy in, rebuy and top up in select tournaments.

Embers can be purchased from “The Phoenix” Vendor in the Marketplace.

7.What is a Vendor ?

A Vendor is a character within the CryptoCorn World who provides goods and services to assist you on your journey to becoming a CryptoCorn Champion.

8.What is NFT Hodl’em ?

NFT Hodl’em is the crown jewel of the CryptoCorn Ecosystem. A first of its kind web3 poker application with Wallet connectivity and NFT integration.