1.What is a CryptoCorn NFT ?

A CryptoCorn NFT is our premier VIP NFT that gets the holder access to all of the high level NFT Hodl’em tournaments for Season 1. There will be 520 in this collection and price TBA.

2.What is a CryptoCup NFT ?

A CryptoCup NFT is your access to the CryptoCorn Ecosystem. Minting one of these grants all of the perks and privilages to play in our top tournaments. 

Available to mint from The Hood Vendor now for 250 MATIC

3.What is a Golden Kernel NFT ?

A Golden Kernel NFT will be available for purchase in our marketplace soon and grants the holder access to one of the two Big Kernel Tournaments and limited CryptoCorn tournaments throughout Season 1. Once a Kernel is used for entry to a tournament it gets burned. Kernels can be obtained through giveaways, the Loot Chest and purchased in our Marketplace via “The Husk Keeper” vendor.

4.What is a Joker NFT ?

A Joker NFT gains the holder entry into the Aces vs Deuces Tournament and our signature tournament, The OG 520. These can be obtained via Twitter or Discord giveaways, The Loot Chest and CryptoCup Joker Satellite Tournaments. Jokers are claimed via the “Queen of XRP” Vendor in the marketplace. There are only 100 Jokers in total available for Season 1.

5.What is a CryptoCup Elite ?

A CryptoCup Elite NFT is what a CryptoCup holder gets for placing in the top 15-30 in a midweek Satellite Tournament. These can also be claimed from The Queen of XRP Vendor in our marketplace.

6.What is an Ember ?

An Ember is an NFT that allows a player to gain entry to special tournaments and also buy back or Top up for select poker tournaments. There are 4 tiers of Ember so be sure to have the correct ones in your wallet to match the tournament you are playing. Embers can be purchased from “The Phoenix” Vendor in the Marketplace.

Note: Be sure to have your Embers in your wallet prior to taking your seat at the table.

7.What is a Vendor ?

A Vendor is a character within the Marketplace that provides services and goods to assist you on your journey to becoming a CryptoCorn Champion.

8.What is NFT Hodl’em ?

NFT Hodl’em is a first of its kind Web3 poker application with NFT and immersive marketplace integration.

9.What is the CryptoCorn Marketplace ?

The CryptoCorn Marketplace is an exclusive marketplace for all things CryptoCorn built on the Polygon Blockchain. You can buy, sell, mint and sacrifice your NFTs here only. This is also where the Vendors hang out!

10.How do I register for official tournaments ?

To register for a specific tournament you must go to “Bills Chopping Block” once registration has opened.

11.How long will Season 1 last ?

6 Months.

12.How many tournaments will I play in season 1 ?

CryptoCorn NFT holders will play in 8 Big prize tournaments along with daily mini tournaments.  CryptoCup holders will have the ability to play in 25 Satellite tournaments and wide range of weekly scheduled tournaments.

13.What is the Power Deck ?

The Power Deck is one of the 12 decks of the CryptoCorn Collection. You will be airdropped NFTs each month simply for holding one of these cards. The quantity of NFTs you will be airdropped depends on the rank of the card you hold.

14.Who are the CryptoCorn Angels and what do they do ?

The CryptoCorn Angels are three members of our team who seek out new upcoming projects and artists from all over the internet in order to purchase NFTs for CryptoCorn prizes/airdrops etc.