BETA Live Now! 

With convenience and comfort in mind we decided to make a one stop shop.

Our holders will have the ability to buy, sell, bid and trade CryptoCorn NFTs, CryptoCup NFTs, Golden Kernels, Whitelist Spots, Embers with lots more to come. The Marketplace is built on the Polygon blockchain and uses MATIC as the main currency with Ethereum conversion and NFT Bridge currently being integrated.

The “NFT Bridge Function” will provide the option to swap NFT’s back and forth between the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

Easily connect your wallet to setup your profile and enjoy the full CryptoCorn experience.

WEB3 is here!


Our Marketplace will consist of multiple vendors to assist you on your journey to becoming a CryptoCorn Champion. Players can purchase items, register for tournaments, claim rewards and access secret loot.
Here are some examples.

The Hood
Buyers will visit the Hood to mint or buy CryptoCup NFTs and build their army.

Bill’s Chopping Block
Players will go here to register for official tournaments.

The Phoenix
This vendor sells “Embers” which allow players to top up and rebuy into a tournament after being knocked out.

These are just 3 examples but there are many more
vendors to be added as our ecosystem grows.

The King of Ethereum A.K.A “The Loot King”

You can find him on the CryptoCorn Marketplace under the “Vendors” section.
He opens his loot chest for special occasions and his first offering will run throughout the CryptoCup drop.

Whats in the Loot Chest?
CryptoCorn free mints and Whitelist spots, CryptoCup Elites, Golden Kernels, Embers from the Phoenix and
Conscious Poker lifetime memberships.

Any items remaining in the Loot Chest will be put up as prizes for our BETA testers and the “CryptoCup Blowout” tournament.

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