NFT Hodl'em


Minting one of these grants the holder access to the entire 6 month NFT Hodl’em Season along with access to ALPHA and BETA Testing phases where they can compete in all of our top tournaments

CryptoCup NFTs (Mint Live Now)

A Kooky Collection of Crazy Cups full of Community Spirit.

They are a collection of 5000 generative art NFTs with various traits and characteristics.

Minting a CryptoCup is your entry to the entire CryptoCorn universe and can provide a pathway to the blue chip CryptoCorn tournaments.

CryptoCups are currently available in our Marketplace at a price of 250 MATIC with offers on a Pack of 4 or a 6-Pack.

What you get

What do you get when you buy a CryptoCup NFT?

CryptoCups grant access to the full CryptoCorn Suite which includes NFT Hodl’em Poker, The CryptoCorn Marketplace and admission to the VR Movie Theater.

The CryptoCorn NFT Hodl’em platform will host lots of official tournaments for CryptoCup holders throughout the season.

All CryptoCup holders will have the chance to join in the NFT Hodl’em celebrations prior to the CryptoCorn drop.

Anybody holding a CryptoCup Genesis V1 will automatically be included in BETA testing.

Note: Trading a CryptoCup is the only way to enter the “CryptoCorn Joker Satellite” tournaments so make sure you have some in your wallet before paying a visit to Bill the Butcher when registration opens.

CryptoCup Mint

CryptoCups are currently available to mint in our marketplace via “The Hood” Vendor and “The King of Ethereum” has opened his Loot Chest for the occasion!

Mint options are 1, 2, or 3 NFTs, A 4-pack or a 6-pack. The 4-pack gets 4 CryptoCups at a discounted price. The 6-pack gets you 6 CryptoCups for the price of 5 and one random item from the Loot Chest.

Pricing and Giveaways

Mint price – 250 MATIC each

4-Pack mint price – 900 MATIC

6-Pack mint price – 1250 MATIC

Now lets spice things up!

Each time there are 100 sold up to 1000 we will running Don Cornleones Pledge Tournament for an NFT chosen by our OG’s worth 0.25ETH.

1000 sold we will have a tournament for NFTs worth 1ETH and a CryptoCorn free mint.
2000 sold, 2ETH NFT Tournament + CryptoCorn free mint.
Half sold, 2.5ETH NFT tournament + CryptoCorn free mint.
3000 sold, 3ETH Tournament + CryptoCorn free mint
4000 sold, 4ETH NFT Tournament + CryptoCorn free mint.
Sold out, 5ETH NFT Tournament + CryptoCorn free mint.

You won’t want to miss it!

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