Tournaments will be hosted each week for CryptoCorn and CryptoCup holders with lots of NFT prizes and special access up for grabs. The first of the CryptoCorn season is called the ‘Gold Rush’ and allows all holders of CryptoCorn Genesis NFTs to enter with an additional 80 available spots for CryptoCup Elite Satellite winners.

Our signature tournament of the season is the ‘OG520’ where the winner will receive a BAYC, with second and third places getting a Vee Friend and Cool Cat.

The Golden Kernels

Golden Kernels are a collection of single use NFT’s which grant the holder access to the “Krazy Kernels” tournament and the mid season “Golden Kernel” tournament with 70+ ETH worth of NFT prizes in total.

We decided to host these tournaments to celebrate our first season and give those who may have missed out on
a CryptoCorn or CryptoCup NFT the opportunity to
experience the NFT Hodl’em software and the whole
CryptoCorn ecosystem.

These can be purchased from “The Husk Keeper” vendor in the CryptoCorn Marketplace for 0.1ETH.

Drop date to be announced.

CryptoCorn Jokers

CryptoCorn Joker Card NFTs are your golden ticket to our signature tournament “The OG520”. They also grant access to the “Jokers & Deuces” tournament.

They can be aquired by winning CryptoCup “Joker Satellite” tournaments throughout the season.

Word has it the King of Ethereum has some in his Loot Chest on the CryptoCorn Marketplace.

Some will be used for collaborations with other
projects/creators and some will be given away in our Discord channel.

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