Adam Mc

Co Founder/Technoking

A qualified robotic, marine and automation engineer with a passion for technology, gaming and the blockchain.
He has experience as a head chef, mechanic, marine engineer, automation engineer, web designer, game developer as well as voluntary work as an RNLI crew member.

Working within these industries has given Adam a vast wealth of knowledge, skill and experience to make CryptoCorn a massive success throughout the crypto space.


Co Founder/Artist/Designer

A self taught artist and designer who studied art, animation and video game design/development. Realizing the world changing opportunity presented by NFTs and blockchain technology he created CryptoCorn as a way to give back to the art community and raise up new artists in the process.

20+ years of experience combined with a tireless work ethic and the ability to produce content in almost any medium makes MistrPixel an invaluable asset to CryptoCorn.


CryptoCorn Angel

Wife, Daughter, Mother, creative contributor and art lover with years of experience in artist hospitality and media content creation.

Ardent blockchain tech enthusiast who recognizes the world changing applications it can have towards achieving true freedom and the future of our communities as we evolve.

Voiceover artist extraordinaire. Winkey face 😉

Shalay Struhs

CryptoCorn Angel

With 20 years experience as an entrepreneur and customer relations expert she has built 2 multi million dollar companies while raising 6 beautuful children.

Shalay is passionate and driven when it comes to business and team building. She brings her business sense, hustle and passion for success to the CryptoCorn Team.

Krista Townsend

CryptoCorn Angel

Affable, recklessly optimistic, and fiercely loyal. Loving wife and mother who practiced as a nurse for many years. She brings her caring nature to the table as a CryptoCorn Angel, making dreams come true from her home in Fort Worth TX.

Specializing in growing NFT artists and creators outreach to attract new and exciting opportunities for buyers.

Alec Torelli

Poker Professional/Advisor

Winning over $1.5 million in tournaments and millions more in live and online cash games, Alec Torelli is one of the most respected poker players in the industry today.

During his 15-year career, Alec has traveled to more than 50 countries and been featured on ESPN, CBS Sports, Travel Channel, Fox Sports, Cigar Aficionado, Poker News, and many more.

A passionate crypto investor and influencer, as well as NFT collector, Alec brings his cross industry expertise to CryptoCorn.

Ken Morris

Marketing Guru

30 years of experience as an
entrepreneur in industries such as real estate, retail and construction. Ken has a finance and contracting education and spent 8 years in the US Army Reserves as a combat medic.

He is a committed family man who loves to coach and mentor kids.

With his background as a business owner and years in the crypto and NFT space, Ken brings knowledge and experience to CryptoCorn across multiple industries and disciplines.

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