NFT Hodl'em


NFT Hodl’em (BETA Launch – Coming Soon)

CryptoCorn has built a first of its kind poker Application utilizing WalletConnect for fast web3 connectivity coupled with NFT recognition for easy Player access.

MTT’s, Sit n Go’s, Al Cupone’s Kash Tables, Bills Heads Up Royale, and much more.

Start playing in three easy steps:

– Click “Play Now”

– Connect your Wallet

– Take your seat

… its that simple!

NFT Integration

When we say NFT Integration WE MEAN IT!

Your CryptoCup is your access to the best weekly tournaments and community perks within the CryptoCorn Ecosystem. Whether you grind for K-Coin to purchase it from Elon’s Emporium, win it in special Tournaments, or best of all, Mint it, our platforms NFT recognition will automatically grant you seamless access to all eligible tournaments..

Through the utilization of WalletConnect our platform offers playability on mobile and soon cross chain connectivity via a multitude of compatible wallets.


We host a multitude of tournaments such as, Born of Fire, The Enigma, Ember Games, Aces & Atoms, Lost in the K-Hole, The Queens Elite, Bill the Butcher’s Tournament Royale and much more!

K-Coin MTT’s will also run throughout the day along with Sit n Go’s and Al Cupone’s Kash games.


Poker School

Win access to the Conscious Poker Membership built by our sponsored pro Alec Torelli. The Conscious Poker Membership is a one stop shop to build your poker game from the ground up, and includes 5 courses, 200+ videos and recordings of Alec playing poker as well as his
private coaching sessions.

Torelli has been a professional poker player since 2005, and traveled to over 50 countries competing in the biggest cash games and tournaments in the world. The CP Membership condenses the best of what he’s learned into an easy to follow, linear learning program. 

Stay tuned to find out how!